A girl. Her journey. The written account.

"The time has come," the Walrus said, "to talk of many things..."

If you're reading this, you probably know me so I'll skim the shallows (intros, etc) and dive right into the depths. This blog will be a glimpse into my life (re: 3.5 month interval) in Spain. The majority of my time there will be spent speaking and thinking and writing in Spanish (I've even signed a contract to make sure that this is the case). This blog, however, will be an indulgence--a little allowance of my native tongue in order to keep my English writing sharp and my connection with my family and friends tight. I'll definitely still use Facebook, but I doubt anyone wants my page long ramblings posted directly on their newsfeed along with the slew of IceBucket Challenge videos (or perhaps that would be a welcome reprieve). Anyway, this blog may take many forms: it may simply be a daily recitation of the events that occurred in my life, or it may become a photographic diary of the people and places I encounter. Perhaps, it'll be a study on culture and humanity and faith. It might very well encapsulate none or all of these. All that I can promise in these posts is something fairly interesting, truly heartfelt, and perhaps, something that can connect us across barriers of distance and language. Think of this blog as my hand in yours, giving it a vigorous and friendly shake. CJB

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